I am so grateful for studying Ayurveda with Dr. Yogita and Dr. Manoj. I learned how to understand the health, and how to bring balance to life by Ayurveda. I now understand the body, mind, spirit connection and I am striving to grow on deeper level. The course gave me a strong foundation and practical skills regarding Ayurveda. The passion and desire to share this knowledge has been very well reflected in both doctors. Pune is a very nice and life-full city to see places, shopping, visiting temples and lovely Parvati hill just few minutes from Bhagirathi Centre! Thank you!

Angela Kopic from Dublin, from Ireland

Hello, my name is Cecilia, I am from Italy and I would like to share my experience with Bhagirathi Ayurveda. As I am working with holistic therapies, i had the desire to study Ayurveda and a friend recommended coming here. I am so happy I did! Yogita and Manoj are fantastic doctors and teachers. They are always ready to answer to your questions and listen to your needs. I got a tailored program only for me covering massage techniques and panchakarma treatments. The theory and practice lectures were well organized, giving you enough time to integrate both. In the school there is a room in case the student prefers to stay here He can book it.
I would like to say a big thank you to Dr. Yogita and Manoj for being so welcoming and sharing their knowledge with me.

Cecilia Frigerio from Barcelona, Spain

I have studied @ Bhagirathi Ayurveda centre, Pune, India. Dr. Yogita and Dr. Manoj are very kindly and peaceful. I learned a lot. I got such a training that I could have my Ayurveda shop after came back from India. Pune is a very beautiful city, a perfect blend of culture and modern life. I will like to learn more in future at the same Institute. Thank you very much.

Yuri Takeuchi San from Japan

I learn Ayurveda massage in the best way …..with professional….love…and smile…and now I can give the same to the people than I work…..thanks to Bhagirathi school. I have discovered the true essence of Ayurveda by authentic Indian doctors, and realized how profound and enriching that science/knowledge is. The study of Ayurveda has been a profoundly transformative process. See you next year.

Cecilia Pancali from Italy

For years I went around India because of Ayurveda. At the end I founded Pune and Bhagirathi’s family school. Lovely people and professional school for a very good Ayurveda. Teachers of the best Ayurvedic University and Pune is a wonderful not only for tourism but also spiritual part as the city of Iyengar and Osho. The mix was perfect, so I started collaboration with them for Yoga and Ayurveda. A lot of years of wonderful work. Namaskar.

Ettore Messinas from Italy

I have done 3 courses at 3 successive years at Bhagirathi Ayurveda Centre, Pune; because I love your Ayurveda Teaching!  Dr. Yogita and Dr. Manoj are very professional and they teaches with passion and love for Ayurveda. I am very satisfied about practice sessions. Pune city is evolving compared to years before. Food and people of Pune are too good.

Maria Peluzzi from Italy

To study with Dr Yogita is to receive authentic Ayurvedic training from a gifted doctor and teacher. Dr Yogita imparts her wisdom with warmth, humour, patience and generosity, making learning with her a truly enriching experience. The understanding of Ayurveda flows out of her. We, her students and patients are so fortunate that Dr. Yogita came to the East to pass on this rich and centuries old information to us.

Chiharu from Japan

Ayurveda is a science of life and we found this Bhagirathi Centre with full of life. Doctors are very professional, friendly and have great capacity of communication. The lessons were very clear which approved the goal of learning. They teach with love and that is very beautiful. In practice sessions, I did first time all those therapies and I became confident to do it again. Pune is a quiet big city. Transport is very efficient. Food is tasty and I like Pune … India very much.

Dorota Klaudia from Poland

Dr Yogita has a wonderful way of making these time-honored principles completely accessible to everyone. Dr. Yogita did not choose Ayurveda, Ayurveda choose Dr. Yogita. Therefore, we are learning from one of the best. I have never known anyone to have such passion and compassion about all who come her way, patients, students, friends, and family, she really cares about us all.

Sayuri Honda from Japan

I feel lucky to have training at Bhagirathi Ayurveda Centre, Pune. Doctors are great persons, well prepared in their contents, training and teaching as well they are flexible and available. I did practice with my theory sessions which were quite enough to use it in my country. It gave me a lot confidence. I like very much the food served at centre and tranquillity of the people. I have visited tourism points in Pune as well Ellora caves. It was incredible. I will like to come again. Thank you Dr. Yogita and Dr. Manoj.

Daniela Erhana from Romania

As a healthcare knowledge seeker, I did greatly benefit from the teachings given by Dr. Yogita in Ayurveda. Her experience in the field, and his passion about it, reflect in the course material and class. The practical training has been also a great learning tool. Dr. Manoj is a wonderful and inspiring teacher with a committed staff! This course not only helped me to bring balance in my life but I am now sharing this lifestyle with clients. A very powerful and profound science taught with Indian authenticity and adapted to our society. Thank you very much. We will like to re-visit Bhagirathi Ayurveda Centre.

Sebastian from Dublin, Ireland

I feel lucky to be at Bhagirathi Ayurveda Centre. Dr. Yogita and Dr. Manoj are very professional and very good in their work. Both of them gave Ayurveda training very nice and with deep knowledge. Practice hours were very good and contributed nice experience. Pune is city with nice people, beautiful temples, nice market places for shopping, incredible places to visit and delicious food. Will come again soon!

Candida Romoli from Italy

From the beginning I had the wish to learn the traditional Indian Baby Massage to use it for my work in Germany. I came to know about Bhagirathi Ayurveda Centre while searching the world web. Dr. Yogita and Dr. Manoj are both well structured teachers with an excellent knowledge of that profession. They are both very patient with the students and always willing to explain tasks again. After theory sessions practice sessions followed; so it was a very good to learn the techniques of the baby massage and pregnancy massage. Pune city is vibrant city with beautiful places to visit and there are several places to do shoppings as well as to have excellent Indian food.

Saskia Haeger from Germany

Dr Yogita’s passion for Ayurveda is contagious. Her humanistic and humorous approach to treating, teaching and helping others is refreshingly unique and inspiring. I liked practice sessions which were very helpful to build confidence to do all therapies individually. I like the food and the people of Pune. I wish that I can come again. Thank you.

Giulia from Italy

Dr Yogita has been amazing. She just wants to share her many years of experience and help people who need it. I wanted to be a part of that movement to help people through Ayurveda. Doctors are very professional with plenty of knowledge, which make good feeling. They like their job really. Pune is very interesting city, clean, safe for women, a lot of amazing temples, very nice people, very good food, and a lot of trees. I do recommend this centre to everyone. Namaste.

Renate Bartel from Austria

I think that doctors at Bhagirathi Ayurveda are very professional, kind and caring. They use simple language that foreign people can easily understand and they are also available for every need. I am too satisfied about practice sessions and I will like to do more. The breadth and detail of the course syllabus, along with Dr Yogita’s passion, enthusiasm and humility for Ayurveda were all major factors in my decision to embark on this course. Pune is very nice and full of temples, cars, life and colours of sarees. The food is perfect, spicy, light, digestible, appetizing…. very good! My Kapha is happy! I would (and have!) recommend it to anyone.

Sabrina Ignesti from Italy

I enjoyed the course immensely and have found Dr Yogita’s teachings to be very practical, whilst being more relevant than ever for today’s modern world. Dr. Yogita is a kind and caring person–beautiful both inside and out. You can see the passion and love she has for teaching and her students. I’ve learned so much about my body and how certain Ayurveda therapies can address specific body organs and or health issues. She also emphasizes the importance of being kind to your body and mindful in your practice. As an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yogita and Manoj also shares this knowledge through book readings, healthy recipes and making personalized herbal therapies! Come join Bhagirathi Ayurveda community and be ready to nurture your mind, body and soul!


I had a very intensive and life changing experience from attending the course with Dr. Yogita. Doctors are very simple and clear in explanations which make the course very interesting and professional lessons. I clung to her every word. Her knowledge and wisdom made me feel lucky to be there in the class and I tried to absorb as much as I could from all those awesome lectures. She really looked after us in a very kindly and friendly way and made all of us at ease. So I would thank Dr. Yogita and recommend her as a teacher and as a Doctor. I will like to return for another course. Thank you very much.

Sonia Ladatto from Italy

My name is Monica Mori I’m Italian, and I meet the school in 2014. I graduated in Ayurvedic massage and panchakarma in February 2014, the experience was fantastic!!! Meet Dr. Manoj V. Chaudhari and Dr. Yogita Chaudhari were fundamental for my professional growth. When I returned to Italy the Ayurvedic massage has become my job. Be accepted in a country like India has been critical, a great life experience… For this very Kind Doctors, Will never cease to thank you. This year I will be happy to go back to school to perfect myself and grow again in my work that I consider it a great gift. Happy to meet you in my path. 

Monica Mori from Pisa, Italy

As a student, I felt that I was learning what’s applicable in a western society, without compromising the authenticity or beauty of its tradition. The classes were incredibly interactive and informative. Thank you Dr Yogita.

Irene from Italy

Doctors at Bhagirathi Ayurveda Centre, Pune are very nice persons and are skilled in thorough teaching with professional techniques. I satisfied and felt confident in the practical sessions. I felt Pune very safe city, transport is good and food is yummy. I recommend personally for this centre to have genuine training of Ayurveda. Thank you very much Dr. Yogita, se you again.

Sarah Kothari from Oxford, England

Dr. Yogita not only enabled me to find my way back to health but also encouraged me in my work as an integrative doctor and medical nutritionist. I learned a lot from her and would recommend her to others. I can honestly say that Dr. Yogita has been a significant influence in turning my life around. Her profound experience and understanding of the philosophy, the science, and the application of Ayurveda to everyday life is shared with great enthusiasm and adaptability to the individual. Pune city has beautiful temples, people are very kind, food is delicious. I like Pune city very much even though it is different from my city.

Natalia Tageva from Russia

Bhagirathi Ayurveda Centre is very professional school of Ayurveda. Dr. Yogita and Dr. Manoj are very friendly and have great capacity of communication. The lessons were very clear and they caught the goal of training. They teach with love and that is a very beautiful. Practice was enough good and that was very nice experience. Pune city is very vibrant, big and colourful city. Transport is efficient, nice food, interesting temples. I like Pune.. India very much.

Vanessa Sabatini from Italy

Bhagirathi Ayurveda helped me stay inspired and focused on health and well-being during the season of spring! I feel a sense of ease and loving-kindness communicating and corresponding with Dr. Yogita. I look forward to participating in the fun and exciting projects offered by you! There are great practices to learn about and incorporate into daily routine that make a lasting impact when revisited again and again. It’s a journey and what a joyful and engaging one it can be when guided and encouraged! Many thanks for all knowledge and practical!

Claudia Bartoli from Italy

I am from Venezuela and I met the school in 2011 through internet and request information from their courses, I read their program of studies and without much thought I decided to take their classes, when I arrived at their school the attention of both was excellent, in fact I  felt at home, the closeness of my accommodation to the school, the theoretical and practical classes every day, everything! Was very grateful; One of that I was enjoy, their professionalism, classes to prepare herbal oils, meet and share with their family, an experience to repeat over and over; studying Ayurveda is a habit of life and even more guided by both doctors Manoj and Yogita Chaudhari.

Elena Sanchez from Caracas, Venezuela

Dr. Yogita and staff of Bhagirathi Ayurveda Centre are very lovely persons that can transfer to you knowledge of Ayurveda with heart. Practice sessions are satisfactory to build confidence to do the therapies independently. I like Pune city because it has beautiful places to see, nice market places, and people makes you comfortable.

Nicola Messinas from Italy

I’ like to thank you for taking care of my health, living and everything. I can’t express in just a word how thankful I am to you. I am truly happy to come you, getting Panchakarma treatment and living in guest room attached to Bhagirathi Ayurveda Centre. My stay was full of blessing and love because of you. I am very thankful that Dr. Yogita has given me every day treatments and put so much effort treating my conditions. I am much healthier than ever. And thank you for cooking delicious food also. I love it! May be next time, can I be your student for cooking Indian cuisines? I will come back again for Ganesha festival as well learning Ayurveda from you. Please keep in touch.

Mai Fujii from Hawai

I found this Bhagirathi centre through Google search and I was very happy to have course here. Dr. Yogita is very dedicated about what they teach and practical about Ayurveda cooking were very nice and very useful. Everything from course content was taught nicely and well demonstrated. I will like to re visit. Thank you!

Heena Khan from Germany

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