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Dr. Yogita Chaudhari

Chief Director

Dr. Yogita is M. D. Ayurveda (post graduate Ayurveda Doctor) is the well known Ayurveda Physician in Pune, India. She is practicing Ayurveda from 13 years and skilled Ayurveda consultant, Panchakarma expert and Clinical Research. She is well known for training Ayurveda Massage, Panchakarma, Ayurveda cooking, Herbal medicine preparations, Pregnancy Massage, Baby massage, Pregnancy Care, Baby Care, Health Problems of Women, Children, Rejuvination Therapies and Yoga. She believes that Ayurveda alone can cure the disease; hence she is used to examine every individual in-depth, understanding the food – behavioural habits, history and one-on-one counselling.


Dr. Manoj Chaudhari

Advisory Director

Dr. Manoj is M.D. and Ph. D. in Ayurveda. He is Professor Doctor at Ashtang Ayurved College, Pune from more than 14 years where he is teaching Ayurveda to graduate and post graduate (M. D. Ayurveda) students. He is also nominated as Board of Studies Member of Ayurveda Faculty in Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. As well is also Ayurveda Consultant Doctor in Health Maintenance OPD at Ashtang Ayurveda Hospital, Pune. He is Founder Secretary of Bhagirathi Medical Foundation which is a non Government Organization working for propagation of Ayurveda and health in all sectors of world. This organisation had undertaken projects of Organic farming for healthy food, Indigenous cow farming, etc. He is highly skilled Professor with easy teaching techniques.


Dr. Ettore Messinas

Executive Director


Ayurveda and Yoga international Teacher


He collaborate with medical studios in Italy and he teaches massages yoga and meditation in a lot of schools in Italy and in India.
He studied ayurvedic medicine for 7 years with Vaidya Bhagwan Dash. He studied occidental medicine of rehabilitation and physique with best vote in Europe (He thinks to finish last examination in this University in a few time).

He studied in south center and north of India. He’s been holding a lot of conferences around Italy about Ayurveda, Yoga and meditation. Vaidya Bhagwan Dash told him:”when I’ll die you’ll find the best ayurveda teachers in Pune”. There, more than ten years ago, he met the wonderful Bhagirathi Ayurveda center (he said). He knew Dr. Manoj Chaudhari and Dr. Yogita Chaudari…”At first a lovely family & the best teachers I founded around India”… so he started his collaboration with them teaching with them to the students he brought from Italy (He is a Doctor but not a physician).


Dr. Sunil Chaudhari

Executive Director

He is veterinary doctor and skilful modern farmer. He is dedicatedly working for organic farming for healthy food, Indigenous cow farming, etc. He is Executive Director of our Bhagirathi Medical Foundation and backbone of our foundation. He is also giving training to rural farmers about organic farming, water conservation and health awareness programs.


Prof. V. N. Chaudhari

Executive Director

He is Ex. Princial, free lance press reporter as well as hard core social worker. He is founder President of Bhagirathi Medical Foundation and focussing in development skills of youths for better employment. For that foundation is organising different autonomous courses.

Mrs. Swati Nerkar

Executive Director

She is master in library science and keen in women empowerment programs to make woman enough strong by guiding in different skill developing autonomous programs of our foundation.

Mr. Sagar Khedekar

Executive Director

Sagar is a very enthusiastic social worker and always ready to work for needy people. He is handling responsibility of public relation of our Bhagirathi Medical Foundation.

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