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Bhagirathi Ayurveda Centre, Pune, India has made easy approach of every person to Ayurveda Phone Consultation. Ayurveda consultation on Phone is the most preferable communication for easy, detailed and personalized consultation from your home because we know that you need some suggestions for certain health issues through direct approach. Most of our clients are comfortable with Ayurveda consultation on phone as it helps them to explain their health issues easily and it also saves one’s expenses of traveling all the way.
Now you don’t have to spend much time waiting for your turn to meet our doctors, just pick up your phone and access our physicians through phone consultation.

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You can book your appointment on +91 9021255057 or E-mail at

Consultation Time:
8.00 am to 9.00 pm (Monday to Sunday)

You can connect to any one of our experts at this time for any heath related query. Our physician will give you utmost suggestion to treat accordingly along with suitable advice on diet, lifestyles, dietary supplements, Panchakarma treatment.

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