It is also called as ‘Greeva-basti’. The sanskrit word ‘Manya’ or ‘Greeva’ means neck and ‘basti’ means retaining the medicated or herbal oil. It is a centred neck treatment which is useful to alleviate pain, stiffness, and cervical compressions. This is achieved by soaking the neck in pool of herbal oils.

Benefits of Manya-basti:

Anatomically the neck is a connecting unit between the head and lower body which physiologically supplies the blood (along with nutrients and oxygen) from heart to the brain. Manya-basti maintains neck functions and wipes out all the disorders.

Health benefits of Manya-basti vary from patient to patient according to the clinical condition but, the gross healing consequences of this therapy are many. Many a people living in modern civic atmosphere remain glued throughout the day to the computer at their desk, particularly in professional space. Even in homely atmosphere matured people and children are showing growing reluctance to body movements because of their increasing dependence on computer, television or other electronic gadgets that can be operated and enjoyed to the fullest extend just with the movement of fingers or even gestures. This factor of decreasing physical movement and at a stretch sitting exposure for hours are making people vulnerable to severe stress and physical disharmony.

It synergies the benefits of the herbs natural constituents, oil qualities as well as the heat to produce the supernatural effects as what is close to nature is advantageous for the living beings and hence produces the better results. It can be felt by any individual irrespective of his nature of work or physical fitness include betterment in blood circulation, supple movement of shoulder and neck, smoothening effect on nerves, relief from stress, relief from stiffness in the upper neck making way for the brain and nerves function better, etc.

Indications of Manya-basti:

1. Neck pain
2. Compression fractures in neck
3. Cervical spondylitis
4. Headache and dizziness
5. Sprain and stiffness in neck
6. Shoulder related sufferings, etc.

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